Custom Golf Head Covers

A custom head cover is a perfect compliment to that important golf event and a terrific way to promote your corporate identity on the green! Below are examples of past projects, we have done over 500 custom golf projects. 

Minimum 500 pieces.  Click here to request a quote

 Examples shown are for reference only and cannot be reproduced. All designs, copyrights and trademarks are protected by their respective owners.

For stock golf head covers visit our sister company Creative Covers for Golf.

  • Halifax Moosehead

    Halifax Moosehead

    Made exclusively for the Halifax Moosehead Hockey Team. To purchase please inquire with the hockey team or the Halifax Golftown Store.

  • Denver Health Doctor Cover

    Denver Health Doctor Cover

    STOCK ITEM.  Part of our Local Hero Collection. 43001 Doctor

  • Corona Beer

    Corona Beer

    Lime included!  Driver & Putter.

  • Coors Light

    Coors Light

    The Coldest Tasting Beer In The World!

  • Charleston Riverdog Baseball Team

    Charleston Riverdog Baseball Team

    Made exclusively for the Charleston Riverdog Baseball Team To purchase please inquire with the Baseball Team.

  • Cavendish Farms

    Cavendish Farms

    Made exclusively for the Cavendish Farms.

  • Blue Goose International

    Blue Goose International

    Made for the Honorable Order of the Blue Goose

  • Alcanada Lighthouse

    Alcanada Lighthouse

    When in beautiful Mallorca, Spain visit  the Alcanada Lighthouse.

  • 3 Bit Oil Well Drill

    3 Bit Oil Well Drill

    Sure way to strike "black gold" on the course!

  • UCF Knightro

    UCF Knightro

    Made exclusively for the UCF golf program. To purchase the Knight please check availability with UCF golf program.

  • Stanford Tree

    Stanford Tree

    Made exclusively for the Stanford golf program. To purchase the Tree please check availability with Stanford golf program.

  • Indiana State Sycamores Fox

    Indiana State Sycamores Fox

    Made exclusively for the Indiana State golf program. To purchase the Fox please check availability with the golf program.

  • Metal Bolt Cover

    Metal Bolt Cover

    The right hardware for a game of golf!

  • Perdue Pete

    Perdue Pete

    Made exclusively for the Perdue University golf program. To purchase the Perdue Pete please check availability with Perdue golf program.

  • Poker Stars

    Poker Stars

    Custom piece for Poker Stars.

  • LMU Lincoln Cover

    LMU Lincoln Cover

    Made exclusively for the LMU golf program. To purchase the Lincoln golf head cover please check availability with the LMU golf program.

  • Furman Paladin

    Furman Paladin

    Made exclusively for the Furman golf program. To purchase the Paladin please check availability with Furman golf program.

  • Wendy's Frosty

    Wendy's Frosty

    Made exclusively for Wendy's Restaurants and it's affiliated Foundation. Not available for retail purchase.

  • UNLV Rebels

    UNLV Rebels

    Made exclusively for the UNLV golf program. To purchase the Rebel please check availability with UNLV golf program.

  • Toledo Rocket Man

    Toledo Rocket Man

    Made exclusively for the University of Toledo golf program. To purchase the Rocket Man please check availability with University of Toledo golf pro...

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  • North Texas Eagle

    North Texas Eagle

    Made exclusively for the North Texas golf program. To purchase the Green Eagle please check availability with the North Texas golf program.

  • Icee Custom Cover

    Icee Custom Cover

    Made exclusively for ICEE

  • Geico Custom

    Geico Custom

    Made exclusively for Geico Insurance. To purchase the Gecko please check availability with Geico Insuranc

  • WIU Bulldog

    WIU Bulldog

    Made exclusively for the WIU golf program. To purchase the Bulldog please check availability with WIU golf program.

  • Jack in the Box

    Jack in the Box

    Made exclusively for Jack in the Box and it's affiliated Foundation.

  • Tim Hortons Coffee

    Tim Hortons Coffee

    Made exclusively for Tim Hortons and it's affiliated Foundation.

  • Arby's golf head cover with curly fries

    Arby's Fries

    Made exclusively for Arby's Restaurants and it's affiliated Foundation. For retail purchase, click here.