Attached are pics of some of our students after receiving their bears in class today. I also attached a funny one of big Teddy Tumblebear working in the office. Thank you for all your help with this project. Much appreciated.
Patti's All-American
Good Afternoon! We just received the final shipment of bears. Thank you so much for your work on getting these to us so quickly. The branches started selling them this weekend and the public is loving them. He is so cute! Thanks! Noël C. Gabler Alaska USA Federal Credit Union
Noël C. Gabler
“ Thank you for your help (and gentle nudging) throughout this process. Working with Soft Stuff Creations has made these bears affordable again, and has allowed our Scrubs Bear program for our children’s hospital patients to remain viable. ”
Joanna Swinehart
Everyone is commenting on how much they love the new Toasty plush. Can’t wait to introduce the squeeze toy. Thanks.
I LOVE THEM – The warehouse is very excited about them ! pat Girl Guides of Canada
“ We are very happy with them, they look great and even the tags look awesome. We couldn’t have asked for better product! ”
Life 100.3
We got her yesterday! She went on sale in the stores right away! Everyone loves her and we sold several already! Thank you!
A cartoon from our friends at Explosm!
Cyanide & Happiness
Yes he looks great! We are super excited to get the dance bunny too! You can check out the fun contest we are running with the bunny "Where in the World is Zippy?" Thank you!!
I just wanted you to see where your sweet stuffed Mavis Pearl dogs are going! Thank you for all of your help as well! We hand make every item that goes on these dogs, and they are each unique and special. I know many times you have no idea where your little stuffed animals end up. I wanted you to see where these are going :) Thank you ladies! It's a joy working with you!