Toy Safety

Soft Stuff Creations is dedicated to ensuring all our toys are manufactured to meet and exceed all applicable U.S., Canadian and European safety standards (see below). Products manufactured by Soft Stuff Creations are safe for all ages, unless with accessories. Products with accessories are then for 3+ and labelled accordingly.  All items are guaranteed to be made from all new high-quality materials. All items are both lead and Phthalate free and the inks used for decoration are non-toxic. Furthermore, every effort is made to safeguard against any safety concern that is not covered by current regulation.

We make regular trips to our production factories to ensure that the quality and safety standards we require are in place.  We have a strong relationship with a limited number of high-quality factories and our stock products are tested on a regular basis by an accredited, independent testing lab for both US and Canada safety standards. For custom products each shipment is tested by an independent testing lab to ensure compliance. In addition, every incoming shipment received at our warehouse is again inspected to ensure quality standards are met.

Applicable Safety Standards

  • ASTM F963-16: 1,2,3 Physical & Mechanical Tests, 4.2 Flammability, 4.3.5 Lead Content & Migration of certain elements (U.S.A.)
  • CPSIA & CPSIA 2008 H.R. 4040 (U.S.A.)
  • CPSIA Act of 2008, Sect 101: Lead in Paint and Surface Coatings; Total Lead Content.
  • CPSIA Act of 2008, Sect 108: Phthalates Content (U.S.A.)
  • CFR Title 16 (Flammability) (U.S.A.)
  • California Proposition 65: Total Lead Content, Lead in Surface Coatings, Phthalates Content.
  • Pennsylvania Regulation for Stuffed Toys (USA)
  • EN71 (Europe)

Toy Labelling

USA & Canada. Every item to have affixed required labelling. Items can be labelled for distribution in either the U.S.A or Canada or both. Where applicable, labels will be bi-lingual for English and French.

Europe.  Please note for labels to pass EU requirements the importer must be a company in the EU with an EU address.  This information will be required for the label.

Other regions. please enquire.

Quality Control 

Our plush toys and related products are factory inspected at all stages of production.

Factory Statement

Soft Stuff Creations plush toys are manufactured in China.  In order to ensure ethical manufacturing our factories have passing grades in one or more of the following social audits: BSCI / ITCI (CARE) / Disney / SEDEX / WCA

As an example of the auditing process CARE is certified through ICTI (International Council of Toy Industries). Through the ICTI CARE process, factories are monitored and audited via unannounced inspections for their compliance with CARE standards for factory cleanliness, employee safety, and underage labor. Inspections cover such factors as working hours, wages, benefits, facilities, and environmental health and safety for employees. Soft Stuff Creations guarantees that its factories are clean, safe and do not use underage labor.

Please visit for more information on the CARE process.